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Fill online LV  is the first step to get registered, this process will prepare your registration so you can select the event you want to participate in. All the LIVE Competitions have been temporarily put on a hold due to COVID-19 however we are conducting Social Media Challenges for now as we progress thru this unfortunate situation in our world.

We hope offering a Virtual Competition opportunity will give you some positive energy and exposure for yourself. We plan for a date in 2023 to secure a live event. We hope you will be excited to participate in the Virtual Social Media Challenge we offer,  once we have your registration you will receive all details as to what Virtual Event coming up in August 2022.  

Again register today and join in our virtual event.


Fill out the registration form below to prepare to officially sign up and participate in the International Runway Model Search  Finals being held in Las Vegas in August 2022.


Thank you- Rose 🙂 

Selfie Video will be required by all models who are competing in the Virtual competition, Instructions will be provided on how your selfie video must be created.
Please let us know if you have a current Passport and have traveled to the USA in the last 2 years.