Competition Guidelines

Competition Guidelines for 2024 & 2025 Online Virtual Events

How we keep score for the Virtual Events

Social Media Competition with Facebook & Instagram Guidelines
For the Social Media Competition each model will be promoting themselves to accept LIKES and SHARES and all followers will be asked to vote for them, likes and shares and to comment on their banner as well as follow our social media pages.
Social Media Competitions will last 20 days maximum throughout the social media competition the audience can go and “LIKE” as many models as they would like, and “Share” as many photos as they would like. At the end of the social media competition the LIKES and SHARES and the COMMENTS AND IF WE GET A NEW FOLLOWER BECAUSE OF YOUR BANNER AD IT will be counted. The top model with the most interactions will win a feature inside Shimmer Magazine – the Social Media Scoring is based on LIKES = 10 pts. SHARES = 20 pts. COMMENTING = 30pts.  FOLLOWS = 100 pts.
Models cannot LIKE or SHARE their own photos; it will not count as a point(s) but they can Share to bring attention to it and get people to go to International Runway Model Search FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM PAGE and cast their votes. At any time, the general public can go in and “Unlike” and “Unshared” photos at any time during the event. We do not control this situation.  All interactions on both social media platforms will be counted at the end of each competition, and we will announce the top 2 models that came in first & second place with their total of points. To view all of the guidelines download the Model Agreement link is below.

After we receive your online registration, you will need to download this model agreement and sign it and send it back to us at which time you will be sent a payment link to make the payment online. Thank you
International Runway Model Search Team.

To view and download the Model Agreement