Sufi Sayyad

Sufi Sayyad

I am lucky enough that I am living my passion beautifully as my work and my family it is these things makes me feel happy and also I am a spiritual person so meditation and prayers. 6 times a day makes me positive and happy as well. I am doing multiple things together as this is one life and I want to live it to the fullest that’s why I’m doing every possible thing like modeling, acting, dancing, singing, martial arts, producer. I just accomplished my newest project, by publishing a book, and so now I m an author My first book is called #He too (human empowerment) will be launching on 19th of Jan also receiving a doctorate degree in women empowerment and also will be receiving award as an emerging author in India. I am goodwill ambassador for world youth peace international human rights commission and also a international beauty pageant host/coach in 5 different international pageants.
Please register below to participate in the next International Runway Model Search.
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Global Runway Model Platform held in the United States August  16, 2019 – 2019 Las Vegas  ~  COMING IN 2020 Los Angeles


Categories we are enrolling models for :
A) High Fashion Industry Runway Model:
 Female’s 5.9 Size 0-4 and Height for Male’s 5.11, waist 32 average  build
Ageminimum is 18 years of age
B) High Fashion Plus Size Runway Model: Female’s 5.9 Size 10-22 and Male’s Size 34 +Waist
C) Plus Size Print Model: Female’s 5.8 + Size 12-18 maximum)
D) Plus Size Fit Model: Female’s 5.5-5.9 Size 12+ must be in proportion –general rule waist must be 10 inches smaller than hips
E) Plus Size Male Model (waist size 34+)

Enrollment fee is $500.00 to participate this fee covers your enrollment paperwork & will cover your hotel while you are participating in the competition, you will be sharing a hotel room with another model of the same sex. Travel to and from event location is models responsibility.